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Welcome to the Outstanding Homecare Providers Network (HPN) where practical, mentorship support is provided to enable you to create a solid business plan that meets CQC standards. We understand that a well-designed business plan is the backbone of your homecare service’s success. With this in mind, our primary objective is to empower you to develop a robust business plan that meets CQC requirements.

Our Approach   Mentorship Support

The Outstanding Homecare Providers Network (HPN) mentorship support is unique . Why? because our aim is “doing with” you and not “doing for” you. By working with you, we guarantee you a firm grasp of the business planning process, as well as the skills and confidence for the creation of your homecare service’s very strong business plan.

Our Motto   "Doing with" rather than "Doing for"

Our motto “doing with” rather than “doing for” is reflective of the proposed joint working journey we embark on to create a remarkable business plan. We will not create a business plan for you, we involve you in the journey to make informed business decisions radiating from a comprehensive understanding of each step of the journey.

Our Services: Step by Step Guidance

1. Understanding Your Business Idea

We are devoted to assisting you analyse and improve your business idea to match the dream and belief of your homecare-service industry. Our group is committed to provide step-by-step guidance and mentorship support to help you shape your business idea according to the core of your homecare-service work. Our guidance program is designed to assist people to understand and realize their business ideas independently, while we are always prepared to mentor and support them.  Our mentorship support is designed for everyone who desires to understand and implement their business ideas with confidence. We will guide you on a personal basis to develop and execute your own business concepts. Our group is there to continually provide support and motivation for your work in bringing your business idea to reality.

2. Comprehending CQC Regulated Activities

Our objective is to assist with your understanding of – and your decision making around – the activities that are within the remit of CQC regulation. By offering knowledge and support we aim to empower you and enable you to choose with confidence which regulated activities you would like to offer. Our mentoring is designed to facilitate your understanding of CQC regulated activities and make it easier for you to take ownership and make informed choices about how you are going to meet the requirements for your activities. With our help you will feel more confident about navigating this regulatory landscape and aligning your activity with CQC standards.

3. Understand Your CQC Service User Bands

We assist you in determining the appropriate service user bands by recognizing the specific demands of the people you intent supporting through our home care assistance. We’ve designed our advice to help equip you with the confidence to correctly classify the pertinent bands for different service user groupings.  Moreover, to help you understand and be able to use this information independently, we’ve designed our mentorship support to be clear and simple. We aim to help you understand the process and enable you to confidently and correctly identify the service user bands for the advantage of those individuals within your care.

4. Creating an Effective Executive Summary

It is crucial to create an effective executive summary to convey the essence of your business plan.  Summarized for a quick look, an executive summary covers the main points and the objectives of your project.  You want and need a strong executive summary, the keystone to your entire business plan that encapsulates your thinking.  We offer mentoring support to help you to read and write executive summaries in an independent and unique fashion. Our services are convenient to use, designed with simple and understandable instructions.  6. We’ve done this part of our service off to enable the easiest follow-through to you possible.  Our mentoring support provides more information and guidelines to make sure you understand and can independently create your executive summaries.  We emphasize the value of mentoring support to help you read and write executive summaries in an independent and unique method.

5. Master Market Analysis with Mentor Assistance

We want you to learn how to do a market analysis inside and out, so you can look critically into your target market and competition. We hope to guide you successfully through and to a deep understanding of this key aspect of your marketing strategy. We aim to give you the capacity and tools you need to complete, understand, and re-create the market analysis process. Our mentors want to help you understand these tasks well enough that you can execute them on your own, whether that means working solo or hiring a freelancer. You will never be on your own — we will provide the tools you need to do the work of understanding and completing the market analysis that you need for your marketing.

6. Assisting you with your Marketing Plan

Help with your Marketing Plan. We aim to provide clear, practical assistance for creating a marketing plan for your domiciliary service. Our focus is on mentorship support to ensure that you understand the marketing plan and implement it effectively. We will give straightforward and precise information, to make it simple for you to develop a complete marketing plan. Our support offers additional resources and information to guarantee your marketing strategy is a success.

7. Getting a Grip on Operations and Management

Our mission is to walk with you every step of the way, to help you gain a clear understanding of the operations side of your homecare business, such as staffing, processes, and service delivery.  Our goal for you is to be able to manage these portions of your business by yourself through our mentorship support. We are able to coach you, and provide you assistance so you gain the knowledge and skills you need to run your business effectively. Our mentorship support gives you all the tools you need to understand and successfully manage operations and management of your homecare business. We are here for you on your way to gaining the confidence and skills you will need to run your business with ease.

8. Comprehending Financial Analysis and Projections

The goal of ours is providing you with the skills required to independently generate a full Financial Analysis and a pragmatic set of projections for your homecare business.  Use our CQC Business Plan Support to obtain the necessary tools required to produce a rock-solid business plan that fits in with the necessary conventions and provides your homecare business with the best possible chance of success. 

Get in touch today to embark on a journey of mentoring that provides the knowledge and guidance to produce a business plan that aligns with CQC standards and gives you ownership of your homecare businesses future.  With our mentoring support you can develop the confidence and capability to produce a foundation for your homecare business that ensures your success, avoids the pitfalls that most homecare.

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We Listen: Actively listening and understanding your needs and concerns.

We Understand: Being aware of all the unique challenges presented in the homecare industry.

We Are Friendly: Provide friendly customer service by being approachable, warm, and client-centric.

We Are Patient: Show patience when navigating complex solutions to deliver optimal solutions.

We are Passionate: our primary passions are attentive service delivery and client satisfaction.

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Passionate about providing results, exceeding expectations and guaranteeing customer satisfaction through our services provided, we take pride in fulfilling these responsibilities with excellence.

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