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Thank you for considering OHPN for your registration support. Our mentorship support is designed to help you understand and complete the registration process yourself. We are here to help you achieve the required completion that will pass you through all areas of compliance. At OHPN, we work in a ‘done with you’ approach, where we ensure that you can register your business and complete the required processes independently. Our service has been designed to give you the competence required for you to register your homecare business yourself. We offer clear explanations and support to help you pass. The registration process has been simplified by OHPN. We have broken it down to be easy to follow with crystal clear instructions. We have done anything that we can in our power to make sure it is accessible for everyone. In summary of this, OHPN’s mentorship support gives you the confidence and knowledge to complete the registration process for your homecare business yourself. Allowing you to understand and complete this process with ease.

Our Approach   Mentorship Support

Our mentorship guidance at the Outstanding Homecare Providers Network is unique. Rather than doing for you, we are doing with you. The intention is to make sure you comprehend the entire registration process, so that you are making decisions for your business with confidence. We have designed our mentorship guidance to help you comprehend your registration journey so that you can continue to run it independently. Our commitment to you is that we will take you through the process of registration, making sure you are educated and confident to run your business.

Our Motto   “Doing with” rather than “Doing for”

Our philosophy of “Doing with” rather than “Doing for” reflects our commitment to working alongside you as you proceed through the registration process. Instead of completing paperwork for you, we engage with you every step of the way. We ensure that you grasp the changes and can make informed decisions about your homecare business, Our process enables you, including through our mentoring support, to understand and manage the journey independently. We make sure that we maintain two-way communication and appreciate that hands on at the right stage is appropriate to restore confidence and self-assurance. Our philosophy of “Doing with” means that by the end, you will have the knowledge and skills to make a success of established your homecare business.

Our Services: Step by Step Guidance

1. New Provider Application Form: Form-Filling Support

Our “How to Accurately Complete The Provider Application Form” mentorship will walk you through filling out the form, meeting all the CQC guidance requirements. You will be confident, and completing your Provider Application Form will become simple. Step by step, you learn, understand and fill in the Provider Application Form by yourself with our easy instructions. Applying for the Provider Application Form yourself will be simple and easy, and you will feel confident and sure that your Provider Application Form has been filled in correctly.

2. The Additional Form for Personal Care Providers

Our comprehensive instructions, “How to Accurately Complete The Additional Form for Personal Care Providers”, will help you understand and address the Personal Care requirements accurately. Benefit from our mentorship support and gain the knowledge and confidence to address the Personal Care requirements on your own. Our easy to follow instructions and clear explanations will help you easily understand and correctly complete the form. Lastly, focus on our mentorship support, we are dedicated to helping you understand and independently meet the requirements.

3. Statement of Purpose

Our aim is to enable you to comprehend and satisfy the CQC requirements for a Purpose Statement. We make sure that, via our tutoring support, your Purpose Statement can match the expectations of the CQC. Our tutoring will offer you the knowledge and skill necessary to portray the aims, objectives and values of your service through your Purpose Statement. Moreover, our tutoring is intended to empower you to independently comprehend and manage this process. We believe it is crucial to demonstrate that we are leading learners to achieve results themselves, to enable both clarity and confidence in understanding the importance of the task.

4. Registered Manager Application Form and CV

Our comprehensive guidance on “How to Effectively Complete the Registered Manager Application Form” will allow you to effectively showcase your skills, experience, and qualifications correctly. In addition to this, we will assist you with your professional CV that will highlight your professional experience in managing a homecare business. Our assistance of “How to Write a Professional CV For the Registered Manager.” Your Professional CV will be prepared by you through our mentorship support. We will help you prepare a professional CV for your own Registered Manager position. Using our mentorship, you will know-how to showcase your qualifications and experience in the Registered Manager position.

5. Key Lines of Inquiry (Quality Statements):

Our comprehensive overview and support to “Understanding the CQC Key Lines of Inquiry (Quality Statements)” will provide you with an insight into the CQC Key Lines of Inquiry (Quality Statements), but with our mentoring support you will get an edge on understand the most important elements that the CQC will be looking for you to consistently demonstrate. Our mentoring support is designed to help individuals to understand and apply the CQC Key Lines of Inquiry (Quality Statements) for themselves. We have made the process easy to follow, and we leave you in no doubt about the importance of our support in understanding and applying these guidelines effectively.

6. Financial Viability Form

How to Accurately Complete the Financial Viability Form: Follow our guidance and we will take you through the Financial Viability Form step by step. Our mentorship sessions give you complete understanding of the guidance requirements for the form so you can provide the correct financial information with confidence. Collaboration with Registered Accountants: We work alongside Registered Accountants who are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and are a specialised firm of Accountants that can ensure that the financial viability of your business is done as per the requirements by the CQC. This working relationship ensures that the financial information you provide is properly evaluated as per the CQC requirements by experienced financial professionals who have worked extensively to ensure that the information you provide meets the guideline requirements of Financial Viability of your application. Our mentorship support is aimed towards helping individuals understand and complete the Financial Viability Form on their own. We focus attention in explaining how mentoring forms crucial part in guiding you through the process.

7. Obtaining Insurance Quotes

Our partnership and guidance for helping you obtain insurance quotes will ensure you are equipped throughout the registration process. With our guidance in our mentorship program, we ensure that you have a clear understanding of the insurance process and the ability to find the best insurance independently for your home healthcare services. In addition, our mentorship program is designed to simplify the insurance process, making it easy for you to understand and navigate. Mentorship support is a significant part of comprehending and successfully handling your insurance necessities.

8. Managing Additional Information Required

When it comes to managing extra information needed by the CQC as part of the application process, our help is all about empowering you. With our mentoring support, you will gain the confidence to manage the extra documentation the CQC wants from you and to do that in the way that shows your skills to best advantage. We have broken down the task into bite-sized chunks so our system enables you to manage the task and clearly to see the benefits of our mentoring in enabling you to understand and then go on to meet the requirements on your own.

Get in touch with us today to start your mentorship journey where you complete the forms yourself, confidently navigate the CQC registration journey. We support you throughout the journey.

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