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Welcome to the Outstanding Homecare Providers Network (OHPN), where we get the blessing and curse of starting and running a homecare agency. We are here to hold your hand and mentor you through the entire process. Our mentorship program was developed to guide you through this process with support and insights that will ensure your success in this enormous, highly complex industry. Success is all that matter to us. The OHPN is dedicated to providing you with the tools and knowledge necessary to establish and expand your homecare agency. Our mentoring is designed to make you confident and knowledgeable so that you’re not just another agency springing up, but an industry leader-in making. Begin this exciting journey with the confidence that you have the backing of an entire agency waiting to assist you achieve the same success that they have.

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Our Approach   Mentorship Support

We are hands-on in our approach to mentorship support. We mentor, nurture, and guide — but don’t prescribe or take over. Instead, we equip you with the tools and the understanding of what it takes to thrive as a homecare agency owners. Our mentorship support is about empowering you to know what you don’t know about homecare—and how to put it into practice the right way. We stress learning by doing it yourself, and we focus on giving you the necessary guidance and support to succeed.

Our Motto   “Doing with” rather than “Doing for”

Our Philosophy: Empower Instead of Enable. Our philosophy of “doing with” instead of “doing for” is rooted in true partnership. We’ll be right there with you as you start and develop your homecare business. Our mentoring is about enabling people to understand and do it themselves. We focus on step-by-step instructions and hands-on support to set you up for victory.

Our Services: Step by Step Guidance

1. Initial Assessment and Evaluation

Let’s get started by determining your current level of knowledge and understanding of the home care business. Our goal is to custom-tailor our mentoring support to suit your unique needs. Mentoring Support: We have designed our mentoring program to help people learn and implement home care business practices on their own. We will offer one-on-one advice to ensure your success.

2. Comprehensive Understanding of Homecare:

We supply you with a complete understanding and perception of the homecare industry. Our objective is to give you a clear vision of the homecare business and how it functions. This industry is complex and we realize it in its entirety. Our mentorship support is constructed in such a way to give you a firm grasp and insight of the homecare business, and empower you to take charge and be successful in this field on your own.

3. Collaborative Name Selection

Choosing a name for your home care agency is a big deal; it represents important things like your vision and brand. So, we want you to feel confident navigating this process, and we’re committed to helping you do it. Our aim is to simplify the process of naming your agency by breaking it down into simple, manageable steps that let you arrive at a great name quickly. We are here to support you in understanding and performing this process yourself, by developing your skills and understanding along the way. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to make a great choice for your agency.

4. Companies House Registration

We are here to help you through your Companies House registration process, which is seamless and trouble-free. Our team is experienced in guiding users through self-registration of their companies by giving a step by step approach of how to register your company. By your side through the process, we provide assistance from a team that knows the ropes to enable you understand your company registration process.

5. Domain Setup and Online Presence

We are here to help you set up your domain so you can have a professional online presence. Like in many businesses, having a strong presence online early is crucial today in such a competitive market. Mentorship support goes through the process with you so you can know how to effectively harness and manage a presence on the web autonomously.

6. Business Email Setup

Setting up Business Email: Communication is key in the field of homecare. We are here to assist you in setting up business email accounts for both you and your team to ensure seamless, uninterrupted connectivity for your agency. Our mentorship support provides you with the knowledge to not only understand but also independently manage your email setup. It is our goal to make the process uncomplicated and easy to do by providing you the right information necessary for success.

7. Crafting Professional Email Signatures

Our solution provides tips and strategies for managing professional email signatures to increase the professionalism and impact of your communications. This process includes personalized support and coaching, walking you through how to develop and install your email signature with understanding, self-assurance, and a premium look and feel in your email communications.

8. Ongoing Collaboration and Support

We will stand by you during the entirety of our collaborative mentorship. Whether you are seeking aid, guidance, or just insight into the homecare industry; we will be there for you every step of the way. We regard your desire to open an agency as a bonding and forming of a partnership – one that will last from the very beginning to the very end. Through our mentorship training we will enable you to take a business that not only will grow rapidly, but one that will truly allow you to know the ins and outs of the homecare industry. We will strive to make sure you have a through understanding of the business aspect, as well as holding the desire to follow protocol. We understand that as a business owner things may come up, but we ensure that your agency’s requirements are fulfilled.

Why Choose Outstanding Homecare

Why Choose to Work With Us

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We Listen: Actively listening and understanding your needs and concerns.

We Understand: Being aware of all the unique challenges presented in the homecare industry.

We Are Friendly: Provide friendly customer service by being approachable, warm, and client-centric.

We Are Patient: Show patience when navigating complex solutions to deliver optimal solutions.

We are Passionate: our primary passions are attentive service delivery and client satisfaction.

Our Commitment to You:

Passionate about providing results, exceeding expectations and guaranteeing customer satisfaction through our services provided, we take pride in fulfilling these responsibilities with excellence.

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